Whale Watching in Maui

By , September 12, 2010

People who go whale watching in Maui will find many reasons to be in awe of the whales spectacular nature. People will not find better opportunities to go whale watching than in Hawaii. Hawaii is considered the most popular place for whale watching. Taking photos of these magnificent creatures are the only way to keep these wonderful memories alive. Breathtaking photos can be taken of the whales as they swim by the boats, jump out of the water, and blow water out of their spouts. People can even get these spectacles on their camera phones and send them back home to family and friends. They will be envious of the fun that their friends are having on their paradise vacation. Trained guides will give onlookers a fascinating history on the behavior of whales, as well as new research. Whales have been around for many thousands of years. Learning about their history is an exciting thing for most people.

Humpback whales have an interesting evolution. Between the months of November to May, thousands of whales swim to the Hawaiian islands for breeding purposes. They have been known to swim up to 3000 miles just to breed in the shallow waters where they will give birth to a pool of new whales. When vacationers can experience such a rare commodity as watching thousands of whales swimming in a school all at once, it will be an experience that they will never forget. They will be able to watch these magnificent creatures only from 100 yards away, which gives them a more personal experience that can be seen from any island in Hawaii. The best places to ensure that a person will see a school of whales swimming are in the calm close shorelines of Lanai, Molokai, and Maui.

Watching the whales from the shore are one thing, but taking a boat cruise out to sea will help people to actually hear the whales as they blow water out of their blow wholes at an exhalation of 300 miles per hour is a spectacular sight. Another great sight is to watch the whales swim under the boat while the person is on it, or even to watch a whale jump many feet out of the water. Whales are large 45 foot creatures. Watching a whale that big jump out of the water is truly awe inspiring. As if all of that were not exciting enough, whales also make beautiful and haunting noises that sound like a song from many miles away from shore.

There are more than three thousand whales in Hawaii, and they are considered the fifth largest mammal in the world. Natives of Hawaii call the humpback whales ikohola in the Hawaiian language, and they have a deep respect for these mammals that have led many to believe that the whales are their natural guardians in life.

Whale watching can be done at any time of the day, but the best time of day is in the calm morning hours where the waters are more smoother and quieter.

Whale tours and fishing charters ensure that visitors will get plenty of whale watching time in on their trip. They are so sure that people will have the opportunity to spot whales that they have promised a free tour if they do not see a whale.

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