Lahaina Town Travel Guide

By , July 28, 2011

Lahaina town is located on the sunny south Maui. Because it faces the west coast, many beaches can be found within the proximity. The shore of the beaches at Lahaina is sheltered from the trade winds that are traveling from the northeast region. If you visit the Lahaina Beach, you can rent kayak and row to the offshore islands. There are many offshore islands at Lahaina Beach including Kahoolawe. From the beach, you can get a good view of the Molokai Island and Lanai Island. The Kapalua Resort is quite famous in Lahaina. It offers all kinds of accommodations including tennis courts, golf clubs and etc. Lahaina is filled with tourism attraction sites. The most famous street in Lahaina is the Front Street. The Front Street looks different than during the whaling days. The street has many restaurants, picture galleries and shops. In the past, the street is known for its lewd behavior. Today, lewd behavior is no longer seen on the street. You will find many nightclubs in the area.

The Banyan tree is a popular sight in the heart of Lahaina. The Banyan tree is planted in a 2/3 acre of land. It is about 50 feet tall. The trunk is about 0.25 mile thick. There are more than 10 trunks anchoring around the Banyan tree. Originally, the tree was imported from India. When it arrived in Lahaina, the tree is only 8 feet tall. The sheriff that worked for the Lahaina town planted the Banyan Street to celebrate the Christian mission for the 50th anniversary. It offers shades for people. Many events and shows have been organized under the Banyan tree. If you observe the tree, you will notice that many roots are hanging on the branches. The roots grow up from the ground to provide additional support for the tree. The Banyan tree is a landmark of the community in Lahaina. It also plays an important role in the history of Lahaina. King Kamehameha III has celebrated his birthday under the Banyan tree.

Other tourist attraction places in Lahaina include Baldwin House, courthouse, and etc. Almost all the parking lots in Lahaina require parking fees. Therefore, you must prepare some money if you want to park at one of the parking lots. Lahaina is always crowded with visitors. There are several types of amenities in Lahaina including shops, restaurants and etc. There are two luaus in Lahaina including Ulalena Luau and Old Lahaina Luau.

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