Kula Real Estate

By , August 11, 2010

Also popularly known as Maui’s Alps, Kula has a cooler climate as compared to the rest of Maui due to its elevation of around 4,000 feet.  This climate is perfect for agriculture, providing a haven for vegetavle farms and nurseries all over the area.  Kula is very well known for its protea flowers, onions and greens.  The nearby town of Ulupalakua on the other hand houses the sole vineyard and winery on the island.

Because of its high altitude, Kula also has breathtaking views of the Maui South Shore, as well as the nearby islands of Lanai and Kahoolawe.  With Kula’s classic country ambiance and spectacular panoramic views, it’s no wonder why this place is popular among locals and tourists alike.  Besides being an in-demand commodity, the Kula real estate carries a whopping price tag range of around 400 to millions of dollars.

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