Travel Guide to Places in West Maui

By , July 3, 2011

West Maui is the perfect tourism spot for tourists who want to stay in Maui. In the west of Maui, there are several places where you can visit including Kaanapali beach, Honolua Bay, Kapalua, and Lahaina. Kaanapali beach is located at the Mokuleia Marine Life Conservation District. The water at Kaanapali beach is crystal clear. You can perform all kinds of recreational activities including scuba diving, surfing and etc at the beach. You will find a large range of fishes, corals and marine animals at the beach because it is protected by the wildlife reserve. If you want to watch the fish, you should visit the beach during the summer. In the winter, the water is less clear. As you go further from the shoreline, the water will become clearer and clearer.


Honolua Bay is also protected by the Mokuleia Marine Life Conservation District. If you are traveling on Highway 30, you can view it while driving pass markers 32 and 33. The bay is full of rocks. However, you can still swim at the bay. Since the bay is near to the cliff face, it is a suitable site for scuba diving. If you want to swim at Honolua Bay, you should come during the summer. If there is a heavy rain, you should avoid swimming at the bay, as it can be dangerous You can stand at the Lipoa Point to view the bay.


Kapalua is situated about 20 minutes from the town of Lahaina. It is a world-class resort community in Maui. You can take a taxi from the Kapalua West Maui Airport and reach the Kapalua Resort in 5 minutes. You can also reach the resort by renting a car at the Kapalua West Maui Airport. There are many places you can visit at Kapalua including Kapalua Bay, DT Fleming Beach, Oneloa Bay, Honolua Bay and Mokuleia Bay. Kapalua Bay is ranked as one of the best beaches in America. DT Flemming beach is the best American beach in 2006. The Oneloa Bay is a white sand beach suitable for people who want to bask in the sun. You can go surfing at the Oneloa Bay. Oneloa Bay is located at the Kapalua Coastal Trail. Honolua Bay is known for the tall surfing waves during the winter season. Mokuleia Bay has calm and crystal clear water.


Lahaina is a small town located on the west of the Maui. There are lots of restaurants, golf clubs and souvenir shops at Lahaina. You can arrive at Lahaina by taking a flight via the Kahului airport. There are many things you can view including Banyan Tree and Lahaina Small Boat Harbor.

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