Tourist Attractions You Can Visit in Central Maui

By , July 2, 2011

The tourist attractions in Central Maui are quite busy. The central part of Maui has two interesting tourist destinations including Iao Valley State Park and Wailuku. Wailuku is located near to the Iao Valley. If you are at Wailuku, you can visit the Bailey House Museum. You can also do some shopping at Wailuku.

Iao Valley State Park is a lush area with many hills and mountains. There are various exotic plants at the valley. Iao Needle is the tallest peak in the state park. It is about 2,250 feet high. When standing on the ridge of the mountain, you can get a glimpse on the scenery of the valley and Kahuilui Harbor. Iao Valley has a significant role in history. Many battles were fought at the Iao Valley in 1790. King Kamehameha I managed to defeat the armies from Maui at the Iao Valley so that he can unite the islands. You will find many restrooms at the park. The parking lot at the state park is paved. The hiking trails are easy to hike. If you want to observe the scenery of the Iao Needle, you should hike the path, which starts, from the parking lot. Because there are many jungles, you need to bring a mosquito repellent to kill the mosquitoes. Normally, the summit of the Iao Needle cannot be seen because of the thick cloud. Early in the morning, there won’t be clouds so it is best to travel there at this time.

Besides, you can visit Waikapu village. Waikapu village is located near to the sugar cane field. There is a tram service in Waikapu village. The tram lasts for about 40 minutes. You can take the tram ride and discover the fruit trees in the surrounding fields including pineapple, papaya trees and etc. The train ride will take you around the Maui Tropical Plantation. There is a small fruit shop that sells fresh fruits and dry fruits. If you are hungry, you can dine in at the restaurant located in the village. The admission to the Waikapu village is free of charge. However, you have to pay for the ticket in order to take the tram ride.

You can visit Puunene town in the plains of Central Maui. The town is known for its sugar plantation industry. There used to be many houses, schools and shopping centers at the Puunene. Today, the town is no longer a sugar plantation town. However, you can still find a museum and sugar mill at the Puunene town.

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