Maui – Racial Diversity At Its Best

By , July 6, 2011

One of the major islands in Hawaii is Maui. This island is home to the world’s largest inactive volcano – Haleakala. Apart from this information, don’t you know that Maui is an island that is filled with racial diversity at its best?

Maui is home to various ethnicities that formed big part on shaping the island’s culture and tradition. Maui people are proud of their racial diversity. The diversity has taken its toll and much so it forms part of sparkling love that leads to interracial marriage. According to statistics, the island’s interracial marriages lead to approximately 50%.

This island is home to various cultures. Offspring of Maui is a great blend of both the West and East. If you are about to ask a Maui local about their background, they would be happier to give you a list of different ethnicities namely: Hawaiian, Filipino, Portuguese, Korean, German, and Irish. The great thing about the islanders is that they respect each other’s traditions and cultures. They even celebrate each ethnicity’s holidays and pave respect by blending in and joining the festivity. This is greatly manifested especially during the 4th of July.

The lifestyle in Maui is far different from other parts of the world. Due to its diversity, people here live their lives according to their preference.

Let’s start off on the islanders’ preference on how their homes are made of. There are some who much prefer a tiny home that has tin roofs, with beautiful garden and porch while others prefer the suburban lifestyle having bath tubs, cool kitchen plus 2-car garage.

Next stop the community. There are basically different communities in Maui but the famous ones are the ranching and farming community. This community is consists of families, aspiring writers and artists.

Lastly, the Paniolo! These are cowboys who often ride their horse along the meadows. They even every bit of detail such as the names of the hills, types of rain, and even the kinds of winds. They are so attached to nature that they it will just blow your mind away.

Maui is not all about beautiful beaches and superb greenery. They also do have coffee shops, nightclub, restaurants, churches, resorts, hotels, among others. With Maui’s racial diversity, this has brought an interesting twist to island’s culture and traditions. It is like you are traveling to one-stop shop for variety of races. This will help you learn each of the ethnicity’s life in Maui, their historical background, and how they blend in to the way of life on the island.

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