Experience The Hawaiian Culture In Maui

By , July 9, 2011

Hawaii is one of the states of United States that has brought a lot of tourists from different parts of the world.

If you want to experience the Hawaiian culture, it is best to have it in Maui. It is because Maui has everything from various ethnicities, different food cuisines, and the lifestyle of the people there are something worth checking for. This is great for those who want to bring a little bit of Hawaiian culture with them when they come back home.

To make you fully understand and to know what to expect when you visit Hawaii, read on.


First off, the people of Maui is consists of different races. You can find ethnicities from the East and West coming together to one place. The following are the ethnicities found on Maui – Hawaiian, Portuguese, Korean, Filipino, German and Chinese.

As you can see Maui is definitely a mixture of different cultures and traditions all combined into one beautiful blend of people living harmoniously. Of course, the Hawaiian, the natives in Hawaii resides in Maui but as many people migrates coming from various countries or continents, it would be no surprise that there will be a mixture of Eastern and Western people that lead to interracial marriages.

Overall, the people of Maui are kind-hearted, warm, and loving. It shows when they smile and say, “Aloha” to you and every person they meet.


The food being served on the plate is as diverse as the people living in Maui. Therefore, never be surprised if you see variety of dishes coming from different cuisines on the island.

As for fine dining, the following are the cuisines you can find here at Maui: Pacific Rim, Hawaiian, and Mediterranean.

If you want to have a taste of delicious food, fine dining style come and visit the following restaurants: Plantation House, Hula Grill, Tommy Bahama’s and Pacific O’s.


The lifestyle of the people living here on Maui is diverse. There are some who are living a laid-back life as if it is vacation all year round while others opt for living a simple life inside a home with tin roof and beautiful garden. There are other people who will go for a suburban way of living. Nonetheless, whatever lifestyle a family will go for, there will always be one that would for every islander’s preference.

So, schedule your next vacation trip and go to Maui. For sure, you will be spending your time with fun-filled activities that you will never forget.

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