Poolenalena Beach in Maui

By , July 17, 2011

Poolenalena Beach is situated to the north of Makena in the southern area of Maui. In the Hawaiian language, the term Poolenalena refers to yellow head. It is called yellow head because of a large rock that exists in the nearby region. The large rock called yellow head is situated at the fifth hole in the Wailea Blue Golf Course. The special feature of the rock is that it has yellow streaks. If you observe the rock closely, you will be able to see the yellow streaks on the sides of the rock. You can observe the yellow head rock from a public road. If you want to observe it closely, you can enter into the golf course. The yellow head rock is a landmark for people who live in Makena.

The beach is about half mile long. The bottom of the beach is sandy and slightly sloped. Poolenalena Beach offers great snorkeling opportunities. The beach is about 730 yard long. The beach has two sections including northern section and southern section. The southern section of the beach is situated at the Makena Surf Condos. It is a great site for boogie boarding. Nearby the beach, there is a trail. If you walk on the trail, you will reach the northern section. The ocean at the northern and southern sections is often calm so it is suitable for performing snorkeling activities. At the shoreline of Poolenalena Beach, there are a few rocks. Kiawe trees can also be seen inland. If you want to swim in the water, you should check with the wave conditions.

Poolenalena Beach is suitable for people who want to go for family outings. You will be able to carry out all kinds of activities at Poolenalena Beach including sunbath, boogie board, and bodysurf. You won’t find any amenity in this area. There are only a few portable bathrooms. You can reach Poolenalena Beach by taking the Piilani Highway 31. You will see Piilani Highway 31 upon entering Kihei. As you travel on the Piilani Highway 31, you will reach Wailea. After you reach Wailea, you should proceed to drive down the hill and turn into the left junction. After you turn into the left junction, you should go to Wailea. After you past Wailea, you will see the Wailea Gold & Emerald Golf Course. If you proceed further, you will see the parking are on the right side.

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