Maui Beach Guide – Kanaha Beach

By , July 14, 2011

Kanaha Beach is part of a park called Kanaha Beach Park. It is located on a long stretch of coast in north Maui. The beach has white sand and many coastal dunes. The park houses various types of Hawaiian coastal plants and animals. If you are at Kanaha Beach Park, you will be able to observe more than 30 species of Hawaiian plants. It is home to many endangered Polynesian plant species. Some of the Polynesian plant species you can observe at the beach include Dodonaea Viscosa, Cyperus Javanicus, Wikstroemia Uva Ursi, Sporobolus virginicus, Boerhavia repens and Colubrina asiatica. Besides, Kanaha Beach is habitat to several native insects including long horned beetle, Blackburn hawk moth, hyposmocoma moths, yellow-faced fees, koa bug, coconut leaf roller, grass leaf roller, and grass leaf roller.


Kanaha Beach is one of the most popular windsurfing beaches in the world. Many people like to come here to carry out surfing activity, especially when the ocean swells up. Besides windsurfing, other activities such as kite boarding, fishing, swimming and fishing are also very popular here. The local people often come to this beach to relax and carry out recreational activities. There are very few tourists that know the beach because it is situated far away from the tourist center.


Kanaha Beach has a number of facilities. There are 2 bathhouses equipped with toilets and sinks. The bathhouses have no light. You can find bathhouse across from the parking lot. At the parking lot of the campground, you will find porta potties. There are several picnic facilities including picnic tables and barbeque pits. The beach park also has a camping area and a dirt parking lot. If you want to camp at Kanaha Beach, you need to obtain camping permit. You must pay a small fee in order to camp at Kanaha Beach. Adults will have to pay $5 per night. Children will be charged $2 per night. Pets are allowed in the camping area. The camping fee for per pet is $2 per night. During weekend, the camping fee will be more expensive. Hawaii residents will pay a cheaper fee.


In addition, there is a canoe halau and three volleyball courts. Nearby the bathhouse, there are several payphones for tourists to make phone calls. Kanaha Beach is near to the airport. It is located at Amala Place. If you want to come to Kanaha Beach, you need to take the Hana Highway 36.

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