Guide to the Three Kamaole Beaches

By , July 14, 2011

Kamaole Beach is part of the Kamaole Beach Park. It is located on the south Maui. Actually, there are three Kamaole beaches. The local people often refer the three Kamaole beaches as Kam 1, Kam 2, and Kam 3. Opposite to Kam 1 and Kam 2, you will find two large shopping centers including Dolphin Center and Rainbow Mall. The largest beach is located at Kam 1 while the largest park is located at Kam 3. Kam 3 has a large grassy area for carrying out picnicking activities. There are many facilities at Kam 3 including restrooms, bathrooms, beach showers and etc. There is a volleyball court at the north of Kamaole Beach Park. You can find payphone facility at the north end of the park. The picnic tables at the beach can be easily accessible by wheel chairs. Sand wheelchairs are available for people with problems moving around.


If you are at Kamaole Beach, you can go snorkeling and swimming at the beach. The sand dunes keep the beach from being exposed to the highway. Kamaole Beach I is about 590 yards long. It is the longest beach compare to rest of the two Kamaole beaches. Kamaole Beach II is smaller than Kamaole Beach I. It is also a good spot for performing recreational activities such as swimming and snorkeling. Kamaole Beach III has the shortest shoreline. At the back of Kamaole Beach III, you will find a large grassy area for carrying out recreational activities such as flying kites, and throwing Frisbee. Kamaole Beach III is often crowded with people during the weekends.


Every Kamaole Beach Park has its own parking lot. It is free to park your car at the parking lot. Nearby the Kamaole Beach, you will find plenty of accommodations such as Maui Vista, Kamaole Sand and Kihei Akahi. Kamaole Beach is open from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. However, the lifeguard services are only available from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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