Guide to Napili Bay in Maui

By , July 17, 2011

Napili Bay is a white sandy beach situated on the western coast in Maui. The bottom of the ocean is sandy. However, the bottom of the ocean will quickly drop to overhead depths. If you are bring children, be sure to watch over them. In the winter, the surfing wave can be high. Many surfers like to visit Napili Bay during the winter months. You should be careful when surfing because a rip current will run through the sea at this time. If you are interested in snorkeling, you should visit the bay during the summer months. Nearby Napili Bay, there are many hotels such as Napili Kai Resort. Many people also often go to Napili Bay to bask under the sun.

Napili Bay is perfect for families who want to go for an outing. You don’t necessarily have to swim or snorkel in the beach. If you don’t want to perform any activity, you can sit down and watch the beautiful scenery. If you sit on the shore at Napili Bay, you will be able to see the Molokai Island in a distance. The Molokai Island is situated within the proximity of Napili Bay and Kapalua Bay. If you want to watch sunset, this is the beach you should go. It offers amazing view of the sunset in Maui. There are many amenities located nearby. Napili Bay is a popular spot for people to hold wedding ceremony and get married. It is also a famous honeymoon site. At almost every evening, you will be able to watch a wedding going on at the beach of Napili Bay.

Although people often visit Napili Bay, there is no lifeguard. There is a paved parking lot with limited space. If you cannot find any place to park your car, you should park at the street. There are several convenience stores near the beach. You will also find a beach shower. Every Saturday, there will be an open-air gallery that exhibits artworks produced by local artists. Napili Bay is suitable for people who want to relax and get away from the hustle bustle of the city. It is far away from the busy town of Kaanapali. Therefore, you should be able to have a peace of mind at Napili Bay. The area is also cooler than other towns such as Lahaina. The height of the buildings in Napili Bay is never taller than the highest palm tree.

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