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By , July 14, 2011

Tourist Information on Hookipa Beach in Maui

Hookipa Beach is one of the top windsurfing spot in Maui. The beach is part of the Hookipa Beach Park. In 1933, the Maui Agriculture company leased the land to be used as park. It was named Hookipa because of the hospitality of Maui Agriculture Company. The songwriter, Alice Johnson wrote a song called Ho’okpa Park Hula, which contributes to the popularity of the beach. The first contemporary surfing activity was carried out in 1930s. In 1935, the Hookipa Surf Club was formed. Harold Rice constructed the small clubhouse. The two foremost brothers that founded Hookipa Surf Club are Donald Uchimura and Teruor Uchimura. Windsurfing activities was introduced to Hawaii in the 1970s. Oahu is the most popular windsurfing spot. Later, the windsurfing activities are carried out at Hookipa Beach Park.  By that time, Hookipa is already very famous as a windsurfing site. Many board sailing activities are carried out in Hookipa Beach every year.


Hookipa Beach is situated on the Hana Highway. It is not only famous as a local windsurfing spot but it is famous throughout the world for the windsurfing activities. Two major windsurfing competitions are held at the beach every year including Aloha Classic contest and Red Bull contest. Besides these two windsurfing competitions, other water sport competitions are also held at Hookipa Beach. If you want to find out what events are held at the beach, you should check with the nearby hotels. Windsurfers from different parts of the world often come to Hookipa Beach to watch the windsurfing tournament.


The strong surfing waves make the beach dangerous for beginner surfer. If you are an advanced surfer, you will find Hookipa Beach suitable. The waves can reach as high as 15 feet during the winter. Sometimes, the waves can reach a higher height. During the summer, the wave at Hookipa Beach is less violent so you can carry out swimming activities at this time. However, it is not recommended that you swim at the beach because the wave can suddenly become violent.


The bottom of the ocean has a variety of reef. The coral reef of the beach extends up to 1/8 mile. Various types of amenities can be found at Hookipa Beach including showers, picnic facilities, restrooms, and parking lots. If you want to get a view of Hookipa Beach, you can go to the parking area at the roadside. You can bring along your camera and take picture of the scenery.

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