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By , July 6, 2011

Maui has been one of the famous tourist destinations especially from tourists around the world who want to have a vacation in Hawaii. Mostly, they dropped off and spend days in this beautiful island that everybody has been talking about. Staying in Maui would be like having a vacation all through out the year. Before you hop in and take a flight to Hawaii, it would be best that you know something about Maui.

Maui is home to different races and great biodiversity. Apart from these, there are still little unknown facts about this island that only a few have some idea about. To give you an idea, in this article, you will be given a list of interesting facts about Maui that perhaps you might have no idea about.

Read on the following facts about Maui that will surely make you be in total awe while absorbing them:

  • A waterfall that is about 1,100 ft. high is Honokahau Falls. This is the largest waterfall found in Maui. To see the enormous beauty of this water form, it is best to see it through riding a chopper.
  • The world’s largest Banyan Tree is located at Lahaina, Maui. It was planted way back in 1873 and now has grown to occupy an entire acre.
  • The oldest school in West Rocky Mountains is Lahainaluna High School and was founded way back in 1831. It school became the first printing press in western part of the U.S.
  • Lahaina – Maui’s whaling town was Hawaii’s capital right before Honolulu got the spot in 1850.
  • Maui formed part as one of the 8 major islands that composed Hawaii but actually, there are about 130 islands to count that will make up the entire archipelago.
  • The largest volcano (dormant) in the entire world is found in Maui – Haleakala. The crater is measured about 21 miles and down below it is about 4,000 ft. deep.

There are a lot of facts about Maui that will make you want to know or hear for more. You can add more to this list by simply asking locals about interesting facts about Maui that not all of the tourists know existed or come to being. So, when you plan to visit the beautiful island of Maui, bring along pen and paper. Yes, get in with the old school style of taking down facts. You might come up with 100 interesting facts about one of the most beautiful islands in Hawaii – Maui.

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