Maui – Nature Activities To Choose From

By , July 6, 2011

There are various activities that you can enjoy when you are in Maui. If you are a nature lover and would want to take a glimpse as what this island is and had become, then engaging in nature activities would be highly advisable.

The following are nature activities that you can choose from:

  1. Trekking.

If you want to sweat your calories out without engaging in heart pumping activity, trekking or hiking will be highly recommended. You can simply walk from the top of the volcano in Haleakala and go somewhere that you want to explore. It would be best to go with a tour guide. In this way, you would learn some information about Maui at the same time enjoy your time in trekking while enjoying nature.

  1. Biking.

Fancy feeling the breeze on your arms, behind your ears and unto your face? Why not go out there and do biking. There are customized or generalized biking tours available. Some are even done with a tour guide, too. The destination will vary according to what is plan out on the itinerary. Nevertheless, this activity would definitely make you burn those calories out and at the same time learn something new about Maui and breathe the fresh air that nature has to offer.

  1. Kayaking.

If land based nature activity is not your type, for sure you will enjoy kayaking. Being one with water and take a tour from one end to the other would keep you mesmerized about how grand Maui is. There are kayaking tours and adventures offered in the island. All you got to do is inquire and tag along some friends to make the activity more enjoyable.

  1. Scuba Diving/Snorkeling.

Want to see what lies underneath the seabed of Maui? Scuba diving or snorkeling will give you the best underwater experience you will ever have in your entire life. The various species, corals, and other marine life will make you be in total amusement as you discover the beauty of Maui under the crystal clear blue waters of the sea.

  1. Zipline adventure.

Take a great view on what Maui is through be on top as if you are flying up on the air and crossing from one end to the other. Now this is total adventure at its best. The speed is so heart pumping that you will be screaming for excitement. It will just take minute/s to cross. Now that’s something remarkable. While you are shouting, you will have the chance to take a look on an aerial view what the island of Maui has to offer for tourists and locals alike.

Take your pick from the above-mentioned nature activities, and start booking for it now!

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